University Apartments

University Apartments are courtyard-style, two-story apartment buildings. The apartments are for upper-class students.  It is home to 537 residents and 10 resident assistants.


  • Full kitchen
  • Living room (2 and 4 bedroom apartments)
  • Laundry room on 1st floor of each building
  • Twin mattress (size 36 x 74 x 6)
  • Shared or private bathroom

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1 Bedroom Shared

2 Bedroom Shared/1 Private

2 Bedroom Shared


Type of HallApartment Style
Room TypesStudio (1 per room) 
1 Shared Bedroom (2 per room) 
2 Bedroom Private (1 per room) 
2 Shared Bedroom (2 per room & 1 per room) (Total 3) 
2 Shared Bedrooms (2 per room) (Total 4) 
4 Bedroom Private (1 per room)
Room DimensionsVaries per unit
Number of ResidentsVaries per unit
Meal PlanMeal Plan Options
Laundry FacilityFirst floor of every building
LoungesBuilding A 
Basketball Court
KitchensFull Kitchen* In Unit
Air ConditionedYes
FurnishingsPer Resident: Twin mattress, closet, desk, chair, 2 small dressers 
Per Unit: Full kitchen*, Full bathrooms**, Living Room***
Furnishing DimensionsDresser: 36 x 24 X 29
Desk: 26 x 24 x 29
Bed SizeTwin (size 36 x 74 x 6) - adjustable height

Full Kitchen* - stove, common sink, cabinets, refrigerator, table, chairs

Full Bathroom** - bath sink(s), mirror, 1 toilet, 1 shower, shower curtains

Note: 4 Bedroom Private has 2 Full Bathrooms

Living Room*** - Please refer to floor plan.

Note: 3 person apartment does not have living room.

Dimensions may vary.