Applying for housing


  • Do you communicate with parents?

    Due to FERPA regulations, we communicate directly with the students regarding specific housing information or personal matters. If a student would wish to have information given to a parent the student can fill out a Release of Housing Information form in our office.

  • How does on-campus mail work?

    When you are given a room assignment on-campus, you can send mail to the building address provided with the housing assignment and include your name as well as room number. All packages for residents in the Quad must be picked up at the Housing Package Center located in Lakeview South. University Apartments residents pick up their packages at the complex office.

  • How will Housing and Residential Experience communicate with me?

    We communicate officially via email directly to the student. It is important to add to your email address book so that emails from us will not be put in your spam or junk folder. Email is the official means of communication at FIU and students are expected to maintain and check their email regularly.

  • What email address will you send information to?

    We will send email to the address you have listed in the myFIU system. Please note that all FIU students will receive a student email address. You should make sure to check your Panthermail account regularly for communication from FIU Housing and Residential Experience, as well as other departments.

  • Who should I contact with a problem?

    If you have not yet moved on campus, please contact the Department of Housing and Residential Experience through one of the methods on our About Us page. If you are already an on-campus resident, you can contact the front desk of the residence hall for any problems.

  • Will anything be mailed to my home address?

    You may receive a housing viewbook in the mail at your home address once you are offered admission to FIU. However, all official communication with you from the Department of Housing and Residential Experience will be through email, myFIU, and the Residential Experience website.

First year room selection

Current residents

  • How can I find out how to be an RA?

    To find out more information about becoming a Resident Assistant, contact the Residential Experience office at 305-348-3661.

  • How do I apply for housing next year?

    You had an amazing year on campus, who wouldn't want to stay? To find information for returning residents, check out our website here. We will also communicate the returning resident application process to all current residents through their FIU email address.

    If you didn't live with us this year, but you are interested in moving on campus, read the instructions on how to apply.

  • How do I change the contact information you have for me?

    We use the contact information listed in myFIU to contact you. Log into myFIU and go to Student Self Service > Personal Information in order to update your contact information.

  • How do I move out?

    Prior to the move-out dates, Residential Experience staff will post information on the move-out procedures. Make sure to read this information carefully and follow all instructions. You will need to return your room keys to your front desk. For additional details, you can always ask at your front desk.

    Students are responsible for ensuring their units are in the same condition when they check-out as when they arrived. Prior to check-out students should ensure work orders have been placed for any maintenance concerns within their unit. Students who do not clean adequately prior to leaving risk being charged for cleaning services. In cases where all the residents from a unit have left, cleaning charges will be split amongst all residents who resided in that unit prior to check-out. Maintaining a clean, healthy, comfortable residential environment is a responsibility shared all students within their living environment. 

  • How do I request a room change?

    If you are having a problem with your room or roommate, please speak with your Resident Assistant about the issue. He or she can recommend what to do or help you with a roommate mediation. If the issue is very serious, you should contact an Assistant Residential Experience Coordinator or Residential Experience Coordinator in your front desk.

  • When do I have to move out?

    Please check the Moving Out page for housing move-out dates.

  • Where can I find information about employment with your department?

    You may see which positions are open and access applications on the FIU Careers page.

  • Where do I go for help?

    If you need help or have questions, you should contact your Resident Assistant or your Community Office. For phone numbers of the community offices, please visit our Housing Package Center page. 

  • Who do I contact with a maintenance problem?

    We're here to help! You can always fill out an online work order with Housing Facilities by completing a maintenance request. If your maintenance problem is an emergency, such as a dead elevator, toilet running over, power out, or an extremely hot or cold room, you should call the front desk for assistance.

  • Who do parents contact with concerns?

    If parents have questions or concerns Housing and Residential Experience has several resources available to students and parents.

    Housing Financial Services can be contacted at 305-348-0324 for any questions regarding payments or how financial aid is applied to housing.

    Residential Experience Office can be contacted at 305-348-3661 for any roommate or community concerns.

    Central Housing Office can be reached at 305-348-4190 for all other needs.


Financial/payment information

  • How can I use my financial aid to pay for housing?

    You need to accept all financial aid offered that you wish to accept on myFIU. Once the aid is accepted we can calculate how much aid will cover tuition, any remaining aid can then be automatically deferred to cover either a portion of the housing or all of housing depending on the amount of aid received.

  • How do I cancel?

    Please see our cancellation guidelines listed in the housing agreement.

  • How do I pay my rent?

    Here is our Payment information.

  • How much does it cost to apply for housing?

    When you apply for housing, you are required to submit a non-refundable processing fee at the time the agreement is submitted. The processing fee is $100 and is used to process the housing agreement in our system. This fee is not assessed to the rent of the room.

  • How much does it cost to cancel?

    When you apply for housing, you are required to submit a non-refundable processing fee at the time the agreement is submitted. The processing fee is $100 and is used to process the housing agreement in our system. This fee is not assessed to the rent of the room.

    Please see our Cancellation information.

  • When is rent due?

    Housing payment due dates coincide with tuition due date payments.

  • Do I need Renters Insurance?

    Renters Insurance policy may cover your personal belongings such as a music player, computer and other items. It may also cover you in the case someone is injured.

    Renters Insurance policies are designed to indemnify (cover your loss) you in the event of a covered loss to your personal property and protect you in the event you are responsible for bodily injury or property damage to others. It is available for apartments, rented house, condo, co-ops, dormitories, and roommate arrangements.

    Some students are covered by their parents homeowners policy while living on campus.

Room and roommates

  • Can I change rooms before arriving?

    Once we give out room assignments all of our space is completely filled, so room changes are not always possible. On the first day of classes there will be a new button on titled "Transfer request Link", student can submit a transfer through that link. Transfers will be based on availability and what the student requested.

  • Could my roommate/room assignment change before I arrive on campus?

    Due to late cancellations, some assignments may change up to the day the buildings open. Updated room and roommate information is available at myFIU > Student Tools > Student Housing > View Assignment Information.

  • How are room assignments made?

    Room assignments are made based on the date you applied for housing and what preferences you entered in on your Agreement. The earlier you apply for housing, the more likely you are to be assigned to one of your top choices.

  • How do I request a roommate?

    First year students may request a roommate using the My College Roomie application. Information about My College Roomie will be sent to any first year students who applies before May 1st of the given year. Returning students can self select their roommates during the room self-assign process in March.

  • How are roommates matched?

    Roommates are matched randomly unless you have a specific roommate request. We place freshmen together in our First Year communities (Panther Hall, Lakeview North and South, Everglades Hall and Honors College @ Parkview).

  • What is my PID?

    Your PID is your Panther ID number. Consists of seven digits.

  • What should I do if I have a medical condition/disability?

    If you have a medical condition or disability that will require special accommodations within housing, we ask you contact the Disability Resource Center at 305-348-3532 to assist you in receiving special housing accommodations.

  • When will I get my room assignment?

    First-Year Students

    First-year students may select their room and roommates during the self-assignment process during the month of May.  You will know your assignment instantaneously.

    Transfer Students

    Transfer students are assigned as space becomes available. Room assignments for summer are typically available in mid-April. You will receive an email when your room assignment is posted to myFIU and you will be able to view your room and roommates on myFIU > Campus Resources > Student Housing > View Assignment Information.