Moving Out

Fall 2022 Move-out

Students not staying with us for the Spring Semester are expected to move out by noon the day after their last final exam, but no later than noon on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

Check-out Procedure:

  1. Residential Life staff will communicate to all residents in each area the proper way to complete a check-out. Please contact your front desk via phone if you have any questions about check-out procedures.

  2.  All of your items must be out of your room and all cleaning should be completed before you return your key.

  3. After your room is inspected, return your key to the RA or staff member at the front desk of your complex and complete your online check-out by going to>Student Tools>Student Housing>Housing@MMC>Fall Check-Out. The online check-out should only be completed when you have moved out of your room and no longer need access.

Transitions: Students who have been approved to transfer to a new room for spring will transition between buildings on December 15th

Extensions:  Extensions past December 10 are available for students who are participating in graduation ceremonies.  No other extensions will be approved.