• Preparing for Summer 2022 move-in

    Summer 2022 move-in

    A successful move-in day depends on how well you prepare. Having everything you need will make your transition into your new home go smoothly. To help ensure the safety of our residents, during COVID-19, we are taking preventative measures to keep your move-in experience healthy, clean, and safe.  

    Move-in Dates

    Summer A & C | May 7 and 8

    Summer B/ Early Fall | June 15 - June 18

Day of Check-in

Before Arriving to campus

Students will check-in online, at my.fiu.edu -> Student Tools -> Student Housing -> MMC Housing -> Summer Check-in.   Once this is completed, their One Card will be activated and allow them to swipe into the building in which they live and the entry door to their apartment or suite.

Upon Arrival to Campus

  • Panther Hall residents will report to the tent at the front of the circle. Parkview and Lakeview South residents will report to the desk.
  • Students will show that the online check-in has been completed.
  • Cars will be allowed into the circle  drive for unloading only.  Cars that have no student belongings will not be allowed in the unloading zones and must park in the corresponding lot for the buildings:
    • Panther/Parkview Parking area - Lot 7
    • Lakeview Parking Area – Lot 5
  • Volunteers will help unload the car into carts and take them to the room.
  • Once the car is unloaded it must immediately move out of the unloading zone  to the assigned lot for move-in.
  • If the student is alone, the carts will be stored under the watchful eye of FIU staff while the student parks their car.
  • All carts must be unpacked immediately upon arrival to your room in order for the volunteer to take the carts  downstairs for the next student moving in.
  • Parking permits are not required on move-in day. Do not park on sidewalks, on the grass, or in ADA spaces. 
  • In efforts to make your move-in day easy, we encourage students to print our HRL Car Contact form prior. Please write your name and phone number, and place the form on your vehicle's dashboard while parking in the loading zone.

Move- In Directional Map

Students will be provided a welcome package, which includes Resident Assistants contacts and virtual floor meeting information.  

What to bring 

Use the checklist below to help you pack essentials items. Some students find it convenient to bring only the necessities and buy additional items after consulting with roommates. Keep in mind, additional storage space is not available.

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Face coverings
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Antibacterial soap