Account Holds

If a housing charge is outstanding more than 45 days after the original due date, a hold will be automatically placed on the student account. The hold is placed even if the due date has been deferred, waived or otherwise extended or ignored. An unpaid or unresolved hold can prevent:

  • Registering for classes
  • Making class changes through drop/add/swap/withdraw
  • Getting transcripts
  • Graduating or getting your diploma or certificate

Holds can be removed by paying the underlying charge in full. Take the following steps to remove an account hold:

  1. Log onto the
  2. Select Student Self Service.
  3. Under Student Self Service, select Student Accounts.
  4. Under Student Accounts, select View Your Account.
  5. Locate the outstanding housing charge and submit a credit card payment. A convenience fee of 2% will be charged (i.e. if paying $1000, 2% x $1,000 = $20. $20 will be added to the transaction, and the total amount charged to the credit card will be $1,020).
  6. Payment appears on the student's account 1 business day after payment is submitted (i.e. Friday payments will appear on Monday, payments made during a weekend, or on a university holiday will appear the first business day after the holiday).
  7. The hold associated with the outstanding balance will be automatically removed 2 business day after the payment is submitted.

Holds can be modified to allow registration/drop/add for good cause shown. as determined by the department. Financial hardship, inability to pay, lack of knowledge of due dates are not considered good cause shown. Holds cannot be modified to allow release of transcripts or other educational records.

Need Help?

Contact Housing by phone or by email (mark subject as "Payments/Accounts” for a faster response).