Sustainable Living

Sustainability can be interpreted and defined in many different ways. Different sources define the word sustainability as the capacity or ability to endure; durability; permanence.

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainability as “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (1987)

  • How Can You Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle?
    Living a sustainable lifestyle is easy! Here are some ideas to get you started in our residence hall communities:
    • Replace inefficient light bulbs in your lamps with more efficient ad energy-saving bulbs.

    • Turn off all lights when you leave the room.

    • Or – even better – use a power strip and flip the strip off when you leave the room.

    • Clean using products with non-toxic ingredients 

    • Try participating in Meatless Monday 

    • Shop at environmentally sustainable businesses.

    • Ask your RA to request a recycle bag for your suite! At FIU, you can recycle:

      • Plastic bottles

      • Glass bottles and jars

      • Aluminum, steel & tin cans

      • Newspaper & magazines

      • Office & School paper

      • Paperboard (cereal & snack boxes)

      • Cardboard

  • Why Practice Sustainability in the Residence Halls?
    • It saves energy and energy costs it takes to grow, harvest, or manufacture products.

    • It conserves natural resources such as water, soil, metals, fuels, and forests.

    • It helps protect the environment by minimizing the introduction of harmful substances into waterways and waste streams.

    • It keeps fees and costs to students lower due to reduction in water and electricity.