How to Apply

To complete your Housing Contract, you will need to:

  • Username and password to your MyFIU Account
  • Your Panther ID number
  • Use Google Chrome
  • Turn off your pop-up blocker

Step 1 - Navigate to MyFIU Homepage

Go to On the top right-hand side of the page, click the button that says “Login to MyFIU”

Step 2 - Enter your Username and Password

Step 3 - Select Student Tools from the Tile Menu on your MyFIU home screen

Step 4 - From the Student Tools menu, select the tile that says Student Housing

This will take you to the housing portal which should pop up in a new window. If you see an error that says "Pop-Up Blocked", you will need to close your browser, disable your pop-up blocker in your settings and then repeat the process from Step 1 to launch the housing portal.

Step 5 - Select "Housing @ MMC"

Step 6 - Click the link to apply for housing under the correct term that you wish to apply for. (Example - Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, etc.)

Step 7 - Follow the steps to complete the Housing Agreement

A few helpful things to know:

  • An Emergency Contact refers to someone other than yourself who the university can contact in case of an emergency. Most students put their parent or legal guardian.
  • Zip code is the same as postal code.
  • You only have to put down one contact for "Missing Person".

We are here to help! If you need assistance with any of these steps, please email us at