Honors College Students

Current second, third, and fourth-year honors students who wish to live outside of Parkview should refer to the directions for second, third, and fourth-year room selection. Students will have to email the Housing Office at housing@fiu.edu and inform us you would like to select housing outside of Parkview Hall. This will allow you to select housing in a non-honors hall and live with non-honors students.

Step 1 

Add yourself to the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 waitlist at my.fiu.edu by February 2, 2024.

To be eligible for any part of the Room Selection Process, you must be a current housing resident and be on the waitlist for 2024-2025 on-campus housing. Additionally, you must have paid off any housing balances from previous semesters.

Step 2

Participate in roommate matching when you receive your invitation to My College Roomie. Students will receive access as early as January 10 to start searching for roommates for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. Roommate matching will be available through February 12.

If you do not participate in roommate selection through My College Roomie, you will be able to create a roommate group in your housing portal starting February 13 at 5 pm. Roommate groups must be finalized before room selection.

If you plan to live in Parkview you will have to do a roommate group with students who are in honors.

Step 3

Visit the Room Selection Simulation on the housing portal at my.fiu.edu to learn how to select your room beginning February 5.

Step 4

Receive your Room Selection instructions to Panther Mail/Preferred E-mail on February 9 at 5 pm. This will include important information needed for Room Selection including your appointment time. Appointments will be assigned based on a random number with priority given to students with a higher urgency for housing.

Step 5

See the options online or during our Residence Hall Tours on February 15.

Step 6

Assign yourself to a room and complete the housing agreement during General Room Selection on February 19 - February 22. Residents will be given an appointment to self-select their room for next year. At the time you select your room, you will also be able to pull in your friends to be your roommates.

*Housing and specific room types are not guaranteed.  You should only select a room you would be willing to live in for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

**You will only be able to select from rooms in Parkview unless you email housing@fiu.edu and request to select housing outside of honors college.