Residential Experience Conduct

If a student is documented for an alleged violation of the FIU Student Code of Conduct or Housing & Residential Experience Policies they will go through the Residential Experience Conduct process as described on this page.

The Residential Experience Staff are the Hearing Officers for most incidents that occur in FIU Residential buildings and areas.

  • Student Communication
    Email is our preferred method of communication; the Charged Student will receive email notice of meetings and the outcome/decision. The Charged Student will receive a charge letter (via email) that includes alleged violation(s), date and time of meeting. During the first meeting (Information Session), the student will be provided information regarding their rights, the process, alleged charges, and options of hearing and resolution.
  • Conduct Process

    There are two types of hearings: formal and informal. The informal hearing is called Summary Resolution and it is when the Charged Student and Hearing Officer review all documents related to the incident. The Charged Student is able to provide his/her side of the incident and any supporting documentation. Both the Charged Student and the Hearing Officer must agree on responsibility.

    If an agreement cannot be reached the case will be assigned to an Administrative Hearing which is a formal hearing. The student also has the right to waive the informal option and move straight to a formal Administrative Hearing. An Administrative Hearing is typically conducted by a Residential Life staff member. This hearing is tape recorded and witnesses can be called.

    After a hearing (formal or informal) a decision will be emailed to the Charged Student within 14 business days.

  • Sanctions

    When a student is found responsible for a violation, sanctions will be given. Examples of sanctions include but are not limited to the following: a written reprimand, an administrative charge, a reflection paper, housing reassignment, probation, and/or housing exclusion. Sanctions are determined by the Hearing Officer.

    Since living on campus is a privilege - residents who have been removed from housing or have been involved in policy violations may be notified by the Housing Office that they will not be eligible to sign any additional housing agreements. If a housing agreement(s) has already been signed the Housing Office may release the student from the agreement(s).