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Our priority is to help our students become leaders serving the local and global communities, we focus on four core areas.
  • Personal Development

    Residents will engage in self-discovery by exploring their identities, values, and purpose.

    Residents will be able to:

    • Articulate their identities
    • Identify their feelings, motives, and desires.
    • Advocate for themselves by articulating their needs and wants.
    • Describe and (re)evaluate their purpose.

  • Community

    Residents will understand and appreciate living in a multi-cultural area where they will grow and communicate across difference, and work towards respect among each other.

    Residents will be able to:

    • Build healthy relationships.
    • Describe community expectations and the impact of their actions.
    • Uphold community expectations by holding peers accountable.
    • Modify behaviors to positively impact the community.
  • Social Justice

    Residents will become aware of themselves by engaging in social discourse to create inclusive communities, advocate for equity, and immerse themselves in other cultures and belief systems.

    Residents will be able to:

    • Articulate their prejudices and biases.
    • Understand concepts and terms related to social justice.
    • Describe social structures and how they contribute to privilege and oppression.
    • Work towards equity and inclusivity.
  • Global Responsibility

    Residents will participate in a learning environment, where they will reflect on the challenges in all communities, gain skills to advocate for others, and engage globally.

    Residents will be able to:

    • Identify challenges in communities.
    • Contribute positively to communities.
    • Advocate for others.
    • Engage locally, nationally, and internationally.

By supporting our mission, Residential Life believes that the experience of living on-campus complements the classroom experience, where students continue to learn inside and outside the classroom space.

Our approach to help enhance not only our residential experience, but also the learning that takes place in our residence halls is to deploy multiple strategies and methods to engage students living on-campus.

How panthers build community

  • Resident 1on1

    Students living on-campus will have multitude of ways to interact with staff and student staff. We have staff members that live and work in the building to help support you. Residents Assistants reach out to each of their residents so that you can get connected with others in your hall or community. Resident Assistants also assist in facilitating your roommate agreements and work with you and your roommate(s) with issues or concerns that may arise.

  • Student Leadership

    You can develop leadership skills while enhancing the residential community. Imagine leaving your mark on FIU's campus by taking on roles such as a resident assistant and/or hall council member. In these positions, you can create programs that are entertaining and engaging.

  • Community Traditions

    Community traditions are community gatherings that promote community engagement and foster connections for residents. Residents are invited on a regular basis to take part in meeting others in their wing or floor. Activities that have occurred in the past have ranged from board game nights, movie nights, tie dye nights, video game nights, to ice cream socials. The possibilities are endless!

  • Community Hours

    All Resident Assistants have open door hours available to you. If you need something or have a question, you can always visit your Resident Assistant during their open-door hours so that they can help and answer your question(s).

  • Community Wide Program/Event

    These are events planned for you to meet others living in your hall community. Come out and enjoy an array of events so that you meet others living in your community. Be sure to keep an eye out for flyers in the hallways and lobbies. Community wide events that have taken place in the past have been grocery bingo, cultural dinners, speed dating games, pumpkin carving, and many others!

  • HRL Program/Event

    These large-scale events are planned for everyone living in housing. Come out to meet others living in different halls. These events have ranged from carnivals, Halloween haunted house, Block Parties, Talent Shows, Silent Disco, to movie screenings.

  • Desk Engagement

    Our 24/7 desk is more than just a resource for our residents. Our front desks and desk assistants allow you to engage with them because we have students like you working with them. Residents can participate in various trivia, contests, and other activities to win prizes! Be sure to stop by the desk! You never may know who you will get to meet there.

  • Social Media Engagement

    Stay connected with us! We will provide opportunities for things happening on-campus and prizes to win. We strive to connect with our residents in all kinds of way via social media. You can interact with us through social media to ask questions, pose questions, or simply do a shout-out by tagging us social media! Be sure to also like and follow us on instagram!

    Residence Halls: @uafiu, @lakeviewnorth_fiu, @fiulvs, @parkviewfiu, @fiuevergladeshall, @fiuph, @towers_fiu

    Main Account: @LiveFIU