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University housing residents are responsible for abiding by all University and Housing policies, regulations and standards of conduct. Housing policies should be read broadly, and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. Students are responsible for being familiar with and abiding by all policies contained within the Student Code of Conduct. The policies listed in this section are provided as a partial summary for Housing residents. Refer to the FIU Student Code of Conduct for further explanation.  Violation of any Housing policy or standard of conduct, or the violation of the Housing Agreement shall be considered a violation of the Student Conduct Code and may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to immediate termination of the Housing Agreement. Items found to be in violation of Housing regulations and/or University policies may be confiscated and/or discarded at the discretion of Residential Life staff. Fines may also be imposed for violation of Housing policies. Housing Policies are subject to change. Residents are responsible for knowing and abiding by all of the Housing policies.

  • Housing Policies/Community Standards


    • Possession, use, or consumption of alcohol when under the legal drinking age as outlined by Florida Law is prohibited. Students of legal drinking age are permitted to have alcoholic beverages in their residence hall units, if all resident(s) of the unit are of legal age. If under-age individuals reside in the unit with a legal age individual, the legal age individual must store all alcoholic beverage(s) in his/her assigned bedroom and not in the common kitchen/fridge.
    • Use or possession of kegs, beer balls, beer taps, alcohol vaporizers and/or any large amount of alcohol are not permitted in any room or area of University-owned housing. In addition, any device designed to consume large amounts of alcohol (funnels, beer/ alcohol pong tables, bongs, etc.) are prohibited.
    • Dispensing, selling or supplying alcoholic beverages to an individual who is under the legal drinking age as outlined by Florida Law is prohibited.
    • Alcohol and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas, such as lobbies, lounges, stairwells, courtyards and hallways is prohibited.
    • If all of the residents in the unit are under the legal drinking age, no one (including of- age guests) may possess or consume alcohol in the unit.
    • Violating any other University policy while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Members of the FIU community who choose to drink will he held fully responsible for their behavior while under the influence of alcohol. Loss of control due to intoxication does not excuse or justify violation of the state law, University regulations, or the rights of others.
    • Misrepresenting or misstating one’s age or using altered identification in order to obtain alcohol is prohibited.
    • Hosting or attending a gathering where underage individuals and alcohol is present is prohibited.
    • Consumption, possession or use of alcohol in a housing room/unit where all assigned residents of that on campus housing unit are under legal drinking age is prohibited (dry rooms/units). If no one assigned to live in the building/area is 21 years of age or older, alcohol is prohibited in the building/area (dry building/area). Panther Hall and Lakeview North are dry buildings; regardless of age, no alcohol is allowed.
    • Alcohol bottles, alcohol cans, and alcohol packaging are not permitted as decorations. These items may also be considered as evidence of consumption.
    • Consumption of alcohol, legal or otherwise, neither removes nor absolves a resident from their responsibility to observe University regulations. A resident may be immediately removed from Housing if they violate the alcohol policy or if they pose a danger to self, others, or cause damage while under the influence of alcohol.


    • Rooms, apartments and suites must be kept clean and sanitary at all times, including proper disposal of empty food and beverage containers. Students will be charged a cleaning fee starting at $100 for rooms that are deemed unsanitary.
    • Disposal of trash in a place other than designated bins or dumpsters is prohibited. Violators are subject to a $50 charge per bag.


    • Cohabitation is not permitted. For the purpose of on-campus housing, cohabitation is defined as: the housing of unauthorized individual(s) in a residential unit for more than three (3) consecutive days, or the sharing of a housing space, including storage of another’s belongings in one’s assigned space/unit.

    Cooking appliances

    • All cooking appliances must be stored and used only in the kitchen-area of residential units.
    • Possession of oil-based deep fryers, additional burners, or gas grills in student living units is prohibited.
    • Coffee makers are only permitted if they have an auto shut-off safety feature.
    • Residents are permitted to reserve for use the outdoor grills that are provided in the Housing areas.

    Disruptive conduct (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(f).)

    Drugs (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(g).)

    Endangerment (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(h).)

    Failure to comply (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(i).)

    Falsification / Fraud / Testimony (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(j).)

    Fire and safety (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(k).)

    Gambling (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(l).)


    • Guest(s) must sign-in with their host at the Front Desk upon arrival. Allowing a guest access into the residence hall through an unauthorized or locked entrance is prohibited.
    • Guest(s) must show identification and provide requested information to the Desk Assistant upon arrival to the residence hall.
    • Only individuals 18 years of age and older (with proper photo identification) will be approved to visit the residence halls.  Limited exceptions include Parent and Family Day, escorted tours, residents who are under the age of 18 and individuals who are part of an approved visit program with a signed waiver.
    • Guest(s) may not be given a key to the unit, a resident's Panther ID card or a resident’s mobile access for the purpose of accessing the unit. The resident of the unit will be held accountable if this occurs.
    • Guests MUST be escorted by their host, a current housing resident of the building of which they are present. Unescorted guests will be required to leave the Residential area.
    • Students hosting guests, both University-affiliated and non-university affiliated, are responsible for their guests while the guest(s) visit the residential community. The resident host will be held accountable for the actions of their guest(s). Resident hosts must accompany their guest(s) within the residential areas at all times.
    • The Roommate Agreement serves as a guideline for visitors and guest privileges. Failure to adhere to the roommate agreement may result in an administrative relocation (to a different room and/or residential area).
    • Each resident may host only one overnight guest at a time. Overnight guests are not permitted during final exams week.
    • An approved guest may stay on campus up to three consecutive nights within a seven- day period and no more than 10 cumulative nights per semester regardless of his/her host. During Summer A and Summer B guest(s) may stay no more than five cumulative nights regardless of his/her host.
    • Overnight guest is defined as a guest(s) in a housing unit between the hours of midnight and 8:00am.
    • All individuals who visit the FIU residential areas must respect students’ rights to privacy and security.
    • Violations of the consecutive or cumulative policy may result in a monetary charge and/or disciplinary action for the responsible resident and/or guest.
    • Residence Life staff reserve the right to request a guest to leave the residential community at any time.
    • Knowingly hosting person(s) who have been trespassed from on-campus housing facilities is prohibited.
    • Anyone who has been removed from housing or has canceled their housing agreement must abide by the guest policies, if permitted in the residence hall.
    • Violation(s) of the guest policies may result in loss of visitation privileges, immediate room change, and/or termination of the Housing Agreement.


    • Conduct, not of a sexual nature, (including, but not limited to, physical contact, verbal, graphic, written, or electronic communication) that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person or group is prohibited.

    Hover boards and similar devices

    • The use or possession of hover boards and/or similar devices is prohibited. These items may not be carried, used, stored, and/or charged in any University housing residence hall or apartment. These items will be confiscated.


    • Dispersing litter in any form on University premises or facilities is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to cigarette butts, flyers, cans, bottles, etc.


    • Tampering with mailbox locks is prohibited.
    • Removal of mail addressed to another person is prohibited. Mail addressed to anyone other than the current occupant(s) should be returned to the Front Desk or the Housing Package Center.
    • Letters and packages must be properly addressed and include the resident’s official first and last name; mail that is addressed to anything other than official first and last names will be returned to sender.
    • Only authorized staff are permitted to enter mailrooms and/or sorting and distribution areas.

    Motorcycles / Bicycles / In-line skates / Skateboards / Scooters

    • Riding motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, scooters or use of skates in hallways, courtyards, lounges, and lobbies is prohibited.
    • Storing motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters or bicycles in any on-campus housing hallway, entry area, stairwell, balcony, light pole, or railing is prohibited. Motorcycles must be parked in parking lots.
    • Pocket bikes are not permitted on sidewalks or roadways.
    • Bicycles and scooters must be stored in bicycle racks or the student unit, provided that they do not impede movement within the unit. They may not be stored in hallways, entry areas, or stairwells, or attached to railings, or light poles. Improperly stored bicycles, scooters and/or motorcycles will be removed at the owner’s expense. (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(n).)

    Open flames / Candles / Incense / Flammables

    • Possession of candles, candle warmers, wickless candles, incense, or other heating unit with an open flame is prohibited.
    • Flammable liquids and solvents (gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, propane, etc.) are not permitted in any of the student housing areas (including student units, common areas, and courtyards/quad). Residents are permitted to store charcoal (non-presoaked) in units.

    Pets / Animals

    • Possession of pets other than fish in appropriate containers is prohibited. The maximum fish tank size is 10 gallons.
    • Feeding of stray or wild animals is prohibited.
    • Residents having any pet(s) in their unit may be immediately relocated to a different housing unit and/or different housing area. If found in violation of the pet policy, the resident’s Housing Agreement may be terminated and/or the resident may be excluded from returning to campus housing/ signing up to live on campus for future semesters/terms.
    • Any cost associated with the pet will be charged to the responsible party, including administrative charges ranging from $100 to $500 as well as charges for damages, cleaning and pest control.


    • Unauthorized posting of notices, flyers, ads or other information in on-campus housing facilities is prohibited.
    • Any posting for an FIU event must be pre-approved by the Office of Residential Life.
    • Posting of events with alcohol is prohibited.


    • Throwing any object from a window, ledge, roof, or balcony, or within the courtyards is prohibited.
    • The use of slingshots or other related items is prohibited.

    Property and facilities offenses 

    • Students may not engage in theft, malicious destruction, defacement, damage, or misuse of University or private property or common area facilities.
    • Replacement and repair costs will be charged to the responsible party(ies). Usage policies for specific common area facilities are available at each residence hall.

    Railings and roofs

    • Sitting on, standing on, climbing on, or hanging from a railing, or roof is prohibited. Residents may not crawl out of a window unless directed to do so by emergency personnel. 
    • Hanging or securing unauthorized items from roofs or windows, including bikes, banners, signs, clothing, plants or other items is prohibited. 

    Quiet / Courtesy hours

    • Loud talking or music, or other disruptive noise in rooms, courtyards, stairwells, or lobby areas during designated quiet hours (Sunday -Thursday 10 p.m. - 8 a.m.; Friday & Saturday Midnight - 10 a.m.; 24-hours during the week of final exams) is prohibited. Loud talking, music, or other disruptive noise in rooms, courtyards, stairwells, or lobby areas during 24-hour courtesy hours is prohibited.
    • Speakers may not be placed in windows. Residents are responsible for turning down sound systems, discontinuing noisy activity, and turning off subwoofers if requested to do so by another resident or staff member at any time. Quiet hours are enforced regardless of holidays or semester breaks.

    Sales, solicitation and canvassing

    • Door-to-door solicitation, sales, and canvassing in the residence halls are not permitted.
    • Distribution of flyers or leaflets or the placement of these items on cars is prohibited.
    • Unauthorized placement of flyers and other forms of publicity in student mailboxes is prohibited.
    • Engaging in sales or business activities within one’s unit or community area within on campus housing is prohibited.


    • In accordance with Florida State Law, smoking is prohibited in all University buildings and sections thereof, owned, leased, or operated by the University. This includes but is not limited to, classrooms, stairwells, bathrooms, offices, hallways, labs, libraries, and on-campus housing facilities/units. (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(t).)
    • FIU is a tobacco and smoke-free campus. Under the regulation, smoking and use of tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes) are prohibited in all areas of FIU's campuses.
    • Smoking, Tobacco, and all devices used for smoking (i.e., e- cigarettes, hookahs, pipes, etc.) are not permitted in any of the residence hall rooms, apartments and facilities, including courtyards, elevators, stairwells, balconies, lounges, patios, etc. Throwing cigarettes on the ground is considered littering.
    • Ashes and buds will be considered evidence of smoking in a unit.

    Social gatherings

    • Social gatherings, parties, and meetings in individual units are subject to all Municipal, State and Federal Laws, as well as University policies. The number of people in a unit at any time, including residents of the unit, must be limited as follows:

    Unit Type                            Maximum Occupancy allowed
    4 bed units:                        8 people
    3 bed units:                        6 people
    2 bed units:                        4 people
    1 bed unit:                          2 people

    Residential Life staff reserve the right to disperse gatherings when residents or guests are in violation of any University or Housing policy.

    Sports in residence halls

    • Participating in sporting activities in units, hallways, courtyards, lounges, breezeways and lobbies is prohibited.

    Trespassing / Unauthorized use

    • Unauthorized presence in, or unauthorized use of University property, facilities, or restricted areas is prohibited.

    Weapons, firearms, explosives

    • Weapons, firearms and explosives of any form are not allowed in the Residence Halls. (Refer to Student Code of Conduct Section 5(z).)
  • Facilities Maintenance


    External antennas / dishes of any type are prohibited.


    Damages which occur in a unit will be charged to the resident(s) at a rate which includes actual replacement and labor costs. Public area damages will be charged to those identified as responsible. Public area damages not charged to a specific individual may be charged to residents of a floor, building, or unit.


    Tampering with or rewiring elevators is prohibited. Elevators may not be used during general building evacuation in a fire or severe weather emergency.


    Residents are responsible for all furnishings provided in their unit. Furnishings may not be removed from assigned locations. Alterations to furnishings will result in charges for replacement or restoration to original condition.  Personal beds (non-FIU beds), lofts, homemade bunk beds, futons, couches or oversized furniture are not permitted in the residence hall.  Personal washing machines and dryers, or any other major household appliances are not permitted. Due to limited space and safety reasons, students are discouraged from bringing additional furnishings. Housing and Residential Life staff reserve the right to have students remove personal furnishings from a unit if they are believed to pose a safety risk, impede movement within the unit, or represent a fire hazard. Community/lounge furniture may not be removed or relocated. If community lounge furniture is found within a unit, the residents will be charged a minimum $20 charge for its relocation.


    Keys are issued to each resident at check-in. A $65 lock change fee is assessed for each lost key. Additionally, a $10 fee is assessed for each mailbox key (PH).

    Keys are only for the resident assigned to the unit and should only be in the possession of the resident to whom the key was assigned and should not be given to anyone else for any reason, no exceptions. Keys may not be duplicated. All keys issued to residents are the property of Florida International University. Be aware that doors can be pinned at any time if deemed necessary by Housing and Residential Life.

    Locks / Doors

    Locks may not be tampered with in any way that interferes with the use of keys or prevents locking/unlocking of doors. Locks may not be added to any doors in the unit, nor may they be changed or replaced except by authorized housing personnel. No door may be propped open; a possible $50 charge will be assessed for a propped door. The use of a dead bolt in the lock position in order to keep the door propped open is prohibited. Allowing individuals access into a housing facility through an unauthorized or locked entrance is prohibited. (See the Police and Regulations Section for more information).

    Lounges and reserved spaces

    FIU residence hall lounges and reserved spaces are for the use of residents and approved guests only. Guest(s) must be accompanied by host(s). During quiet hours only residents and approved overnight guests are allowed in residence hall lounges and reserved spaces.

    Only pre-approved events are permitted in reserved spaces; exceptions will be made for Residential Life programs or meetings.

    Reservation request forms are available in the Housing Office.

    Room personalization policy

    Nails, tacks, or any adhesive products that will do damage to surfaces is not permitted. Painting, wallpapering, and paneling of a unit by residents is strictly prohibited. Posters, pictures, and other decorative objects may be attached to interior surfaces of a unit with the understanding that the resident of the unit will be held financially responsible for any resulting damages. Shelves or other items are not to be attached to walls or ceilings. Carpet may not be affixed to the floor surface. Cinder blocks are not permitted to lift or adjust beds, desks, chairs, tables, couches, or other furniture. Residents will be charged for the repair of any damages from the violation of these policies.

    Residents are encouraged to decorate their units in a way that is pleasing and comfortable to them. However, residents need to be respectful of roommates and community members when decorating. Some words, symbols, images, etc. may offend others. The Department of Housing and Residential Life will review resident or staff complaints due to offensive or questionable decorations. Appeals of decisions are at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life and/ or her designee. (See the Police and Regulations Section for more information)

    Cable TV

    Any alteration to existing cable TV facilities is prohibited. Residents experiencing trouble with cable TV service should complete an online maintenance request.

    Windows and screens

    Windows are to remain closed at all times when air conditioning is on and functioning properly. Students are encouraged to keep windows closed to ensure efficient / safe operation of student housing facilities. Housing staff may elect to permanently seal windows if deemed necessary to maintain the efficient / safe operation of the facility. Windows are not to be used as entrance or exit to units. Signs, pictures, banners, empty bottles, and similar objects may not be displayed in windows so that they block or impede access, exit, or view to the unit in time of emergency. This is to ensure the health and safety of students and rescue personnel. Students are not permitted to remove their window screens.

    The student housing facilities located on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus are equipped with hurricane screens. The screens were not designed to be opened unless an emergency condition exists, requiring the resident to evacuate the living unit. The screens are to remain closed at all times. If a screen is found open, the resident will be subject to a $50 fine.


    University ID card or other forms of identification with a picture must he presented upon request of a University official, including Residence Hall staff. Presenting a false ID or impersonating a University official are prohibited.

    Inspection of units

    Housing and Residential Life staff reserve the right to inspect units on a regular basis for necessary repairs, cleanliness, and safety checks. Health and Safety Inspections will be announced via email and may be found on the Housing and Residential Life website. Items that are found during inspections that are in violation of housing and residential life policies, may be confiscated by University officials and may be immediately discarded.


    Residents will be permitted three courtesy lockouts without charge.  Upon the fourth lockout, and every subsequent lockout, a $65 fee will be issued to the resident and a lock change may be conducted for security precautions.  Residents should keep their room key and Panther ID Card with them at all times.  For specific procedures for lockout, contact your Front Desk.