Safety & Security

FIU Housing offers a safe choice for students living on their own for the first time. Security is enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week, by campus police and Residence Life staff. Creating a supportive and safe environment for students to learn and live is our top priority.

  • Campus Safety

    Living safely within a community is everyone's responsibility. 

    Campus Police

    Florida International University Police Department (FIUPD) is committed to ensuring the safety of FIU community members while enforcing state laws and university policies. 

    Hurricane Preparedness & Evacuation

    Hurricanes are a reality in South Florida, which is why FIU is serious about hurricane safety. Be sure to review our  Guide to Hurricane Preparedness for the latesttips on staying safe. Take a look at how our mascot, Roary, gets ready for hurricane season!

  • Conflict Resolution

    Roommate quarrels and disputes are natural. But if a student should ever need mediation, she, he, or they can reach out to the office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. Their offices exist to promote concepts of respect, civility, due process and conflict resolution on campus by enforcing community standards (FIU and Florida Board of Regents policies, Federal, State and Local laws) and holding students accountable for their behavior in a fair yet developmental manner.

    Students are encouraged to report any issues they experience in their housing situations or with other students. Students can report witnessing:

    • Behavioral issues (emotional distress, hostility, dangerous behavior to self or others)
    • Misconduct (drug related, theft, harassment)
    • Problems with housing conditions (adjustments needed, general roommate conflict)

    If the issue concerns the student's immediate safety, please contact campus police directly.

  • Health & Wellness

    On-campus life is filled with opportunities for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

    Student Health Services: provides affordable and accessible student-focused medical care and promotes healthy lifestyles.

    Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): provides counseling and consultation services to help students confront personal, academic or career concerns and psychological health.

    Victim Empowerment Program: part of CAPS, assists students who are victims of dating or domestic violence.

    Wellness and Recreation Center: includes the gym and all sports and fitness activities that take place on campus.

  • It's On Us

    FIU knows Its On Us to prevent sexual assault. Both female and male college students may be victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. FIU wants to ensure that no resident is ever victim but if you have experienced sexual assault on or off campus there are many sources to get help:

    Visit It's On Us to learn more about prevention, reporting, and on-campus resources for sexual assault.

    Other Safety Contacts

    Your first line of defense is your front door. Contact the residence hall front desk should you need help in your building:
    Everglades Hall: 305-348-1328
    Lakeview North: 305-348-1176
    Lakeview South: 305-348-1171
    Panther Hall: 305-348-3982
    Parkview Hall: 305-348-7635
    University Apartments: 305-348-1050
    University Towers: 305-348-3836

  • Parent's Information

    As students begin their college education away from home, parents may be reasonably concerned for the safety and well-being of their child. Parents are welcome to look into the conditions of FIU's housing and campus facilities which are held to the highest standards of safety and care.

    Due to FERPA regulations, we communicate directly with the students regarding specific housing information or personal matters. Students can fill out a Release of Housing Information during the completion of their housing agreement. Students can update their release of information on their housing portal by clicking "View/Update Profile Information" at the bottom of the main page.

    If parents have questions or concerns they can contact the Housing or Residential Life offices.

  • Renter's Insurance

    We strongly encourage students to acquire renter's insurance (a.k.a. personal property insurance) for their belongings. Some homeowner's insurance policies may cover the belongings of a student living on-campus, so parents should check with their insurance company. You can also purchase a renter's insurance through various insurance companies.

    FIU and the Department of Housing and Residential Life are not responsible for a student's belongings in the event of damage, fire, sprinkler discharge, hurricanes, etc., per the terms and conditions of the Housing Agreement (see section 20, entitled, liability of the agreement terms and conditions). Students are encouraged to obtain their own personal and property loss insurance.

    Below is the suggested resource to cover your belongings such as laptops, cameras and cellphones: