Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-inclusive housing affords FIU students the option to live on campus in a single or shared room suites or apartments with whomever they choose, regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Selecting gender-inclusive housing for 2023-2024

All students are eligible to live in Gender-Inclusive Housing.

Rules for gender-inclusive housing

  • Any student may request gender-inclusive housing when completing a housing agreement.
  • Students will not be automatically placed in a gender-inclusive suite/apartment unless they have indicated on their agreement they would be comfortable living in Gender-Inclusive Housing.
  • Students must be able to fill all spaces in the suite/apartment with other students who have requested gender-inclusive housing.
  • Gender-inclusive housing is the students’ decision and will never be forced upon an individual. If a vacancy occurs, the students in the suite/apartment will have 48 hours to fill the vacancy regardless of gender.   Housing staff will assist with this process if there are students available who have indicated they would be comfortable with this type of housing. If the vacancy is not filled the room will revert back to a single gender space and anyone of the minority gender will be asked to relocate. Vacancies in suites and apartments will be handled on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the make-up of the space.
  • FIU Housing encourages students to discuss this program with their parents/guardians before selecting gender-inclusive housing. The housing agreement is a binding contract. Should your parent(s) disagree with your room selection, you will be bound to the contractual agreement and re-assigned  to single gender suite or apartment.
  • This program is not designed for use by romantic couples. Students in intimate relationships should not choose to live together in gender-inclusive housing.
  • Requesting gender inclusive housing does not guarantee a specific room type or building, assignments are done based on availability.

Communities with gender-inclusive designated rooms

Tamiami Hall, Parkview Hall, University Towers, University Apartments, Lakeview North, Lakeview South, Panther Hall, and Everglades Hall will each have suites/apartments designated for gender-inclusive housing.  Shared bedroom suites or apartments will not be available for Gender-Inclusive Housing.

Requesting gender-inclusive housing for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

Step 1.  Indicate on your agreement that you would like gender-inclusive housing.

Step 2.  Find other students who are interested by talking with your friends or by using our roommate matching program "My College Roomie".

Step 3. Discuss room type preferences with your potential roommates. If you select a shared room with your roommates and one of them cancels their housing the room may be converted to a single gender room.

Step 4. Assign yourself and your roommates during the Online Room Selection Process by clicking on ‘Gender Inclusive Room Selection’.